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Legend of Tobol.

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“Create myths about yourself - the gods did the same”

Stanislav Jerzy Lets.

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Where the Tengiz lake is located, a long time ago there was a Kazakh village of the old Mendykara Bay. And there was no joy in his life, except for the only beautiful daughter Wu. The old buy only dreamed about how it would be more profitable to marry a daughter to a rich dzhigit.
And in those days, a young poor man named Tobol labored around the bai. Uy and Tobol have long loved each other and secretly met from everyone. Once a handsome Ubagan came to the aul to capture Uy for himself.
He was the son of a wealthy bail whose village stood on the shores of Lake Kushmurun. As soon as Tobol found out about this, he immediately rushed on his knees to beg his mother so that she immediately went to the bai and grabbed Uy for him.
The old lady had no choice but to go to the bai. From the eyes of her daughter, the bai immediately understood everything and decided to get rid of the unexpected groom by cunning. He gave both the matchmakers a big bag and said: “The one of you who will be the first to bring me this bag full of jewels in thirty days, I will give my daughter away for.”
Ubagan went home and spent a month lying on Persian rugs, and the last day, his father filled him with a full bag of jewelry and everyone began to pack for the wedding. Meanwhile, Tobol took the bag and hit the road, on the thirtieth day he returned home with a full bag over his shoulders.
Tired, hungry, exhausted, he fell in a ravine on his sack, and fell asleep, next to the aul. In the meantime, Ubagan drove by with his horsemen. Seeing the sleeping Tobol, he ordered his people to kill him. Quietly crept up to Tobol, at the same time five people thrust their daggers into Tobol's body.
It was already light when Ubagan triumphantly drove into the aul to the bai and threw a bag of jewelry at his feet. Everyone began to prepare for the wedding. The ubiquitous boys were the first to see Tobol's dead body in the ravine. With screams, they ran into the village with terrible news.
And the beautiful Uy already sat in a white yurt in a wedding dress. Her beloved nanny told her the terrible news. Without remembering herself, Uy ran to the bloodied body of her beloved. Seeing a terrible picture, she fell unconscious on the body of her beloved, unable to bear the shock.
When her father entered the bride’s yurt, she was empty. Everyone rushed to look for Wu and found her lying dead in a ravine in a wedding attire. When the heartbroken father untied Tobol's bag, he saw in it simple multi-colored stones.
With rage, not remembering himself, he scattered these stones all over the steppe... Forty days and nights, the people mourned Uy and Tobol, and on the fortieth day, where a Tobol traveled for a month, a wide and full-flowing river flowed. People called her by the name of a young man - Tobol.
And where she ran to her fiancé, the rive
So after death forever merged together two loving hearts. And what happened to Ubagan? For his cruelty God punished him. And he turned it into a bitter-salty river that flows from his house - Lake Kushmurun and, as if asking for forgiveness from Tobol, runs to him.
After some time, geologists began to find minerals on the banks of the Tobol River: black magnetic iron ore, red bauxite, white asbestos. Iron ore was also found on the territory of the Mendykarinsky district. Such wealth, it turns out, lay in a bag in Tobol.


Alexander Petrov.