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Главная » North Aral Sea. Tours and excursion to Aralkum Desert in Kazakhstan.

At sea floor of Aral.

Jeep tours in Eastern Aral Sea region.

“The sea is an eternal movement and love, eternal life”

Jules Verne.


Trip to sea floor bottom of Aral Sea in Kazakhstan.

It so happened that starting from 2003, almost until 2015, I visited the Northern Aral Sea in the Aral Region of the Kyzylorda Region every year. It should be noted that the concept of Aral is broad and huge. It has absorbed everything that you see, feel and feel.
By the Aral Sea, as I understand it, the whole of the Eastern Aral Sea region, the sea floor of the Small (Northern) Aral Sea, including the Kok-Aral Dam, the Aklak hydroelectric complex, the adjacent sands of the Small Badgers, villages, which are scattered along the coastal part of the Aral Sea.
This is an endless topic, it interests, makes the heart contract, it still draws to itself, it is Our theme.

Authority and photos:
Alexander Petrov.