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The legend of the Shahsenem fortress.

Tours of Turkmenistan.

“Hunger that will not make you eat. Satiety that does not force to tell! "

Turkmen proverb.

Trip from Turkmenbashi to Dashoguz.

The beautiful daughter of a wealthy nobleman named Shahsenem loves poor Bakhshi - a singer and musician. To test his loyalty, she sends her beloved to roam seven years around the world. Bakhshi has been traveling for seven years, not forgetting his beloved.
During this time, father Shahsenem decides to marry her to his old friend, an old rich man. Daughter's resistance is futile. Wedding. But the wanderer is not late; he appears at the celebration. With his wonderful voice and game, full of feelings and love, he captivates everyone.
In this fortress, Shahsenem lived with her beloved for many years.

"Years of searching in Asia." Murzaev Eduard Makarovich.

Alexander Petrov.