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Ungurli petroglyphs.

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Ungurli gorge is located at the foot of the Chu-Ili mountains in the Kurdai district of Zhambyl region. The accumulation of petroglyphs is located 30 km southeast of the Chu station. The mountains in this place gradually fall to the north-west and pass into a plain cut by channels of rivers and streams.
One of such ancient channels formed the Ungurli gorge. Petroglyphs are knocked out on steep rocky blocks on both sides of the river of the same name. They are found over 4-5 km, the total number is 100. On vertical plates located in several tiers, figures of wild bulls, wild boars, horses, goats and argali are plotted with small-dot knockouts.
The images are large 30-40 cm. There are scenes of hunting and sacrifices, as well as compositions from animals and people. Most of the petroglyphs, by analogy with the Tamgaly ones, date back to the Bronze Age, although there are individual images of animals in the "animal" style.

"Ural writings in the world of rock art." D.K. Dubrovsky, V.Yu. Grachev.

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