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Academy of Music in Nur-Sultan.

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“The greatness of art is most clearly manifested in music”

Goethe I.

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The Academy of Music in the city of Nur-Sultan was founded on March 31, 1998 at the initiative of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev. For a short period of her stories, she managed to become a promising educational, cultural and enlightening center, drawing creative forces from all regions of Kazakhstan.
For Kazakhstan, the Academy of Music is a unique project. It was based on the idea of ​​continuing professional education within the walls of a single educational institution, which combines primary (grades 1 - 9), secondary (grades 10 - 12), and higher education (grades 1 - 4) as well as assistant and postgraduate studies.
The idea of ​​the consistent education of musicians from the first steps in the world of music to the full mastery of the highest professional skills belongs to the famous violinist, laureate of international competitions, People's Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Peace Artist, Academician of the International Academy of Creativity, about to the professor Ayman Musakhodjaeva.
The Academy of Music is a member of the Association of European Conservatories, Academies and Higher Music Schools (AES), collaborates with the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, the Academy of Music of Paris, Helsinki, Croatia and is constantly expanding its ties with others him educational institutions, intends to further practice the international experience of internships, seminars, festivals.
The Kazakh National Academy of Music adequately represents its country at international festivals and competitions. Her victories at music competitions in Italy, Austria, and Russia became traditional. Among the laureates of international competitions - students A. Arysov, L. Akhmetov, S. Tlenchiev, A. Panabergenov, E. Abatov, B. Mukashev, students - V. De, B. Bizhanov, A. Kurmangaliev, O. Duisen, D. Duisen, A. Dosumova, A. Taraskin, B. Mazhagulov and others.
"Academics" declared themselves in Vienna, Salzburg, San Bartolomeo, Senigallia, Brescia, Genoa, the Vatican. Their performing skills became a true discovery for the European public. The guests of the Academy were the AB quartet.
Borodina (Russia), professor at the Vienna Conservatoire Gernot Winschhofer (violin), maestro Volke-Schmidt Gertenbach (conductor, Germany), professor at the Seoul Conservatory Rin Iong-Young (conductor), Honored Artist of Russia Ahmed Agadi (vocals), Miomira Vitas (vocals, France), Avri Levitan (viola, Israel), Saim Akchil (conductor, Turkey), Maurizio Barborough (piano, Italy) and many others.
An organ hall was opened at the Academy on June 10, 2005 with the participation of the Head of State N. Nazarbayev. The organ of the Music Academy meets all international standards and acoustic so far consists of 48 registers, and the combined system allows you to make up to 6000 combinations of sounds.
Address: Victory Avenue, 65, phone: 239 294.

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