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Moiseev house in Nur-Sultan.

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“Architecture is also a chronicle of the world: it speaks when songs and traditions are silent”

Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol.

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The two-story brick building was built in 1914 under the residential building of the merchant P. Moiseyev. The monument is associated with the establishment of Soviet power in Akmolinsk. In this building, in 1918, the Akmola district council of workers', soldiers ’peasant and Muslim deputies and the district committee of the RCP (B) were located, in 1921 there was a district committee that led the defense of Akmola during the attack on him of the Ishim gang.
In 1920, the 1st Akmola district city committee of the Komsomol, headed by the St. Petersburg worker P. Grekov, was located in the building. Currently, the building houses the Central Clinical Hospital for Disabled World War II. HOUSE has undergone reconstruction.
On the east side, a three-story hospital building was built at his side. The previous entrance doors are walled up, and instead of them a new entrance is arranged from the side of ul. Mambetova. The architectural style represents the eclecticism of the early twentieth century.
The facade of the building resembles the reproduction of forms of the palace architecture of Florence Early Renaissance. This style is pronounced in window openings and cornices decorated with curved brick masonry.
At present, the building houses a hospital for WWII veterans and for Chernobyl veterans.