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Krasnoarmeysky glacier.

Great Silk Road in Tajikistan.

“The land of not kissed heaven. Winged rivers, the soul - open space.
And drowning small in you before the eyes of these mountains.
Snow is inaccessible, unearthly - no dark spots, no traces.
And you lighten from the snow - involved in Eternity itself ”

Leonid Zamyatnin.

Tajikistan and New Silk Road.

The Krasnoarmeysky glacier is located on the western slope of the ridge of the Academy of Sciences, in the Vanch river basin in the Murgab district of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region of Tajikistan. The length of the glacier is 11.2 kilometers, the area of ​​the Krasnoarmeysky glacier is 15.7 square kilometers.
The glacier is a tributary of the Glacier of the Geographical Society, in 1965 not connected to the main trunk. Not so long ago, the Geographical Society glacier advanced into the Vanch River Valley and blocked it, forming a dammed lake with a volume of more than 50 million cubic meters.
This is evidenced by fresh moraine deposits below the modern end of the glacier and traces of several levels of the dam lake on the slopes. In 1916, the end of the glacier was still 2.6 kilometers below the present, but the lake was gone. In 1949 the lower 6.5 kilometers of the glacier were covered with moraine, on which they met thickets of willow (Zabirov. 1950).
However, in 1965 - 1970. we observed activation of the glacier - fresh cracks appeared in its lower part, in which willow bushes fell upside down. The speed of ice 3 kilometers from the end of the glacier was 50 - 60 meters per year.
Sharp the right source of the glacier increased its activity, its surface was split by transverse cracks crossing the glacier from side to side, and the speed of ice exceeded 400 meters per year. The Kashalayak glacier is also activated from time to time, the path along which to the Fedchenko glacier is sometimes relatively easy to pass, then completely insurmountable.

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