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Waterfall on Iskanderdarya river.

Walk to waterfall on Iskanderdarya river.

"Since there were no packs for a long time, I tied my horse to a tree, and I myself went to wander between the rather dense bushes of the left bank of the river. Despite the loud noise of the river, it seemed to me that my ear was picking up some other extraneous noise. Making my way between the bushes and past huge blocks of stones, blackened with time, I instinctively headed somewhat downward towards the end of that spur that blocked the river, and now held back our packs. Now the sounds of falling water, as if from mill wheels, were clearer, undoubtedly it was where the waterfall is hidden. However, it was not so easy to approach the river bank. Finally, finding a more or less convenient place and stooping down, I was struck by an interesting picture, in front of me was a magnificent waterfall. Several fathoms in height, all consisting of white water dust This dust was slightly pink in color. But it is characteristic that even the guide Yakub, who spent more than 20 years here caravans and expeditions, was surprised, he did not know about its existence"

V.I. Lipsky. "Mountain Bukhara". St. Petersburg, 1905.

Sights of Iskanderkul lake.

The waterfall on the Iskanderdarya river is located on the northern slope of the Gissar ridge in the western spurs of the Khazormech mountains in the Sughd region of Tajikistan. The waterfall is located at an altitude of 2094.9 meters above sea level in the northeastern part of Iskanderkul Lake, 1334 meters along the river in a narrow place among sheer cliffs.
According to various estimates, the height of the waterfall varies from 38 to 43 meters. The waterfall has been known since the end of the 19th century, when in 1889 the famous Russian botanist V.I. Lipsky. A path has been laid to the waterfall among the boulders and bushes; at the waterfall, there is a metal observation deck from which you can watch the waterfall.

Authority and photos
Alexander Petrov.