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Saline land Karatuley.

Expeditions tours Mangyshlak.

"If they sing around the fire, they are tourists, if they shrug their shoulders, they are fishermen."

Expeditions tours Mangyshlak.

The shallow, drainless Karatuley saline land is located in the central part of the Ustyurt plateau 65 kilometers southeast of the Western Ustyurt cliff and 58 kilometers southeast of the village of Beinu in the Beineu district in the eastern part of Mangistau region.
The length of the saline land from the southwest to the northeast is 59 kilometers, in the southern part the greatest width is 11.5 kilometers, in the northern part 21.4 kilometers. In the central part, the saline land narrows to 4 kilometers.
Around the saline land there are hills and hillocks up to 121 (Sazdy hill, in the southwestern part) meters above sea level, in the central part of the saline land from the north, there is Shagan hill 102 meters above sea level.
From the southeast, the saline land borders on the Yessen Kazakh valley, in the west on the Karatule and Aydarushkan valleys.
Geographic coordinates of the Karatuly saline land: N44 ° 38'39.43 "E55 ° 19'36.68"

Authority and photos
Alexander Petrov.