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Lake Kok-kol in Zhambyl region.

Mysterious places of Kazakhstan.

“We came back from afar. We wrapped the whole universe in our heavy cloaks, and in the depths of our being the stupid hearts of travelers were beating"

A. Saint-Exupery.

Mystical places of Kazakhstan

Lake Kok-kol is located at an altitude of 2,430 meters above sea level, located in the Auliekol valley, in the upper reaches of the Karakystak valley, on the northern slope of the Kyrgyz Alatau, 289 meters north of the channel of the small Buzulgankol river, 2.3 kilometers (in a straight line) to the east and a little to the south of the Aktash first pass with a height of 2,433.7 meters above sea level, 32.3 kilometers (in a straight line) from the village of Merke in the Merkn district of the Zhambyl region.
The length of Lake Kokkol from south to north is 233 meters, the greatest width in the northern part is 171 meters. The lake is not flowing, the southern coast is gentle, in places overgrown with juniper (juniper). There have been legends about Lake Kok-kol for a long time.
They said that a monster lives there, similar to a one-humped camel with a long neck and a snake's head, and that it makes the lake water curative. Only you need to swim very carefully, since the monster can swallow a person who, without observing the proper ritual, plunges into the water. The legend called this monster "aydahar".
Geographic coordinates of Lake Kokkol: N42 ° 34'48.76 "E73 ° 07'06.13"

Alexander Petrov. A. Pechersky, September 1978.

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