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Lake Kel-Suu.

Travel on lakes Naryn of province.

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Mountain hiking in Kyrgyzstan.

Video film: "On way to Kel-Suu lake. Western Kokshaal-Too ridge. Naryn region, Kyrgyzstan".

The flowing, fresh lake Kel-Suu is located at an altitude of 3514 meters above sea level, located in the southeast and east of the Sarybeles mountains, in the west and southwest of the Kel-tau mountains, on the western slope of the Western Kokshaal-Too ridge in the southeast Naryn region.
An almost meridional lake of the dammed type, formed from a strong earthquake, during the collapse of a mountain range. The length of the lake from the south-east to the north-west is 12 kilometers, taking into account the bends of the canyon.
From the south, the Korumduk River, 33 kilometers long, flows into the lake. After the confluence of the Korumduk River, after 2.8 kilometers, the lake expands to 907 meters. This is the widest spot in the southern part of the lake.
Most of the lake is a winding canyon. The Korumduk River in the southern part of the lake spreads out with a delta 645 meters wide.
Geographic coordinates of northern border of Lake Kel-Suu: N40 ° 42'07.65 "E76 ° 23'23.85"
Geographic coordinates of southern border of Lake Kel-Suu: N40 ° 36'45.17 "E76 ° 24'48.92"
The area of ​​the lake is 4.5 square kilometers, the volume of water is 338 million cubic meters, the depth of the lake is up to 10 meters. The water level in the lake changes annually, up to shallowing. 4 rivers flow into the lake from the western slope of the Sarybeles mountains, the main of them (from south to north): Koshdzhaylo river with a length of 7 kilometers. Koshjailoo has one tributary on the left - Koshjailo Severnaya, 5 kilometers long.
The next flows into the river Karabel Western with a length of 5.5 kilometers. This is followed by two unnamed tributaries, one of which is 2.3 kilometers long. 5 rivers flow into the lake from the eastern slope of the Kel-tau ridge, the main of them (from south to north): Eshimart, 6 kilometers long, in turn, Eshimart has a tributary from the left, Ekayryk, 7 kilometers long.
The next river is Echkilidzhilga with a length of 5.5 kilometers and Ulusbol with a length of 3.4 kilometers. Behind them is a small unnamed tributary 2.8 kilometers long. Lake Kel-Suu is one of the most beautiful alpine lakes in Kyrgyzstan.
The dam offers a beautiful view of the lake with its fantastic views - sheer cliffs hundreds of meters high, waterfalls, a rocky island, bays, caves and grottoes. The turquoise bowl of water is surrounded by steep peaks, the tops of which are covered with snow even in the hottest summer.
The color of the water changes constantly, depending on the lighting. Approximately two kilometers from the dam, between the sheer walls of the canyon, one can see a rock-island fifty meters high. The rocks have a bizarre relief - they are dotted with grottoes, caves and depressions.
To see the lake in full and to enjoy, you need to sail on it in boats. The caves are also very interesting. The main cave has a narrow entrance hidden in the rocks on the right side of the dam. First, you find yourself in a large high hall with an "altar", and then the cave descends and divides into two narrow passages.
There are no stalactites, although the walls of the lower corridors are covered with an interesting texture, similar to coral reefs, which are adorned with water crystals. Even in summer it is very cold there. Fantastic and unforgettable.
The name of the lake is translated as “incoming water” and for good reason, because the lake tends to disappear and then fill up again. At the entrance to the lake, the area is rather swampy.
Geographic coordinates of Lake Kel-Suu: N40 ° 39'04.20 "E76 ° 23'38.06"

Alexander Petrov.

Photos by
Alexander Petrov.