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Shoky Tau of Boszhira.

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Mount Shoky Tau is located on the Middle Plateau in the Boszhira tract, 5.3 kilometers west of the Western Chink of the Ustyurt Plateau, 19.8 kilometers to the east and slightly north of Mount Bokty, 2.9 kilometers northwest of Mount Borly Tau in the Karakiyansky district in the southeastern part of the Mangistau region.
Mount Shoky Tau is 226 meters above sea level. The upland is composed of Cretaceous sediments, clearly visible from the first panoramic point on the Western Chink of the Ustyurt Plateau. From the north and south, this miracle of nature has a characteristically pronounced cone, but from the east, the mountain has an oval shape, not at all like a cone.
When you look at the mountain from above, you can see three terraces, of which the mountain is built. The foot of the mountain is located on a plateau and has a length of 350 meters in the meridian direction, the width of the foot from east to west is 267 meters, the perimeter of the mountain is 966 meters.
On the northern side, in front of the mountain, the Middle Plateau stretches, through which a motor road is laid, ending in front of the northern cliffs of the Western Chink of Ustyurt. From the southern part, the mountain gradually joins the chalk hills; from the western side, the mountain is bounded by a plateau.
You can get here by the road that leads to the main tract of Boszhira. Approximately from the middle of the way, between the descent of Zhosaly from the chink, in the direction of the main tract Boszhira, there is a turn to the left, which will lead you to the Middle Plateau and further to Mount Shoky Tau.
Geographic coordinates of Shoky Tau Mountain: N43 ° 26'14.95 "E54 ° 02'37.83"

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Alexander Petrov.