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Palace Chadra Khauli in Khorezm.

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"Four arches, four gates
In the garden charm guarded the entrance
And in a meadow that is wide open,
The stately construction stands.
With the watchman on the roof of the tower that
Kayvan talks in the silence of the night.
And so this building is high,
That the clouds are flush with her "

Alisher Navoi. "The Wall of Iskander."

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Chadra Khauli (XVII - XIX centuries, 1871) - one of country palaces of Khivan khans constructed in Khivan area of the Khorezm province. It is a unique example die away type of a uniform inhabited design with the towers made of clay blocks.
The stable and warehouses are located on a ground floor, on the second and on the third floors - living rooms, everyone with separate aivans, the separated female half was on the fourth floor.
Chadra Khauli it is surrounded by gardens. The sizes of a construction - the general 16.5 х 7.7 meters, height more than 30 meters.

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