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Charyn national park.

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The State National Natural Park "Charyn" is located in the valley of the Charyn River, covers the northeastern tip of the Toraigyr mountains, the northeastern part of the Ulken Bugutty mountain range, the Kyzyl-Karasai tract, the Sarytogay tract (Charyn ash-tree dacha) is located on the territory of Raiymbek, Uigur and Enbekshikazakh districts of Almaty region.
State National Natural Park "Charyn" was organized in 2004. The territory of the park, with a total area of ​​93,150 hectares, is located in the center of the Ili intermountain basin. It includes canyons and a valley and a fan-shaped delta of the river, adjacent areas of the deserts of the Syugatinskaya valley and the low-mountain ridge of Ulken-Bugutty, as well as fragments of steppes in the upper part of the valley and the slopes of the Toraygyr ridge.
By Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 121 dated February 6, 2009, the territory of the park was expanded, 32,900 hectares were added from the lands of the state reserve and lands for defense needs, the total area of the park is 127,050 hectares.
The park is located 7 kilometers west of the Shonzhy village and 200 kilometers east of the city of Almaty. The territory of the park consists of: a zone of protected regime - 9427.5 hectares, an ecological stabilization zone - 13147.3 hectares, a zone of tourist and recreational activities - 77739 hectares, a zone of limited economic activity - 26736.2 hectares, a protected zone with a total area of ​​35,923 hectares.
Climate of Charyn natural park.
The climate in the park is desert continental. Average annual temperatures; about + 5 ° С, the coldest month (January - 6 ° С, the warmest (July) - about + 27 ° С. The duration of the frost-free period in the air is 180 days, the atmospheric drought is about 40 days.
The snow cover is shallow (10 - 20 cm), lasts about 60 days; it is established on the average on December 20, is destroyed on February 20. The total amount of precipitation is about 150 mm per year.
Hydrography of Charyn Natural Park.
he main water artery is the Charyn River, the largest left-bank tributary of the Ili River. Charyn, mountain type river. Its sources are located above the snow line, on the southern slope of the Ketmen ridge. Thus, the river crosses all vertical belts.
The river is full of water, with a pronounced spring flood (April - May), when more than 40% of the total annual flow is consumed. Summer flood (July - August is half as much in power. The total annual water flow varies between 25 - 49 cubic meters/sec., the average annual - 34.5 cubic meters/sec.
The water temperature in the warm period of the year is always positive. In the Sarytogay valley (Ash Grove) in April it is 8.2°C, in July - 17.5°C, and the transition through 0.2°C is observed on December 5. At the end of December, the banks of the river are covered with ice, which disappears in Kosh February - early March.
Very rarely, about once every 10 years, when the river freezes completely, the ice thickness in the stretches reaches a maximum of 35 - 40 cm. On the territory of the park there are 32 species of mammals, 18 species of herpetofauna, 4 species of amphibians, more than 100 species of birds.
The territory of the park is rich in flora with about 1000 species of plants, of which more than 50 plants are rare and endemic. On the territory of the park there are 3 tourist routes with a length of 49 kilometers:
Postal address of head office of Charyn Park:
Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty region, Uigur district, from Chunzha st. Kadyrbayeva 4. Tel. 8(72778) 214 33, 236 29; nept61@mail.ru; www.charyn.kz
Geographical coordinates of the natural national park Charyn: N43°20'59.79" E79°04'54.65"

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