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Charyn national park.

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Area of Charyn national nature park constitutes 93150 ha, including 9671 km of the reserve. The park is located on the territory of three administrative districts: Uigur, Yenbekshi-Kazakh and Raimbek.
Climate is abrupt continental; winter is relatively cold; summer is hot and dry.
Average temperature in July is +20 +25 С, sometimes +40 С, average maximum is +28 С. Climate dryness is expressed in the humidity deficit and in the small amount of precipitations. Rare species of flora are: Sogdian ash-tree, Afghan poplar, grey-leaved poplar, variegate-leaved poplar, Ile honeysuckle, Semenov’s maple, Zhungar reaumury, Ile saxaul and others. 
The fauna includes 24 species of mammals, 48 species of birds, 3 species of amphibious animal and 14 species of reptiles. The Charyn canyon is one of the guarded objects of the Charyn State National Park. The objects that are under protection an headlong cliffs of the canyon, paleontological findings, rare specie: of flora and fauna.
The Charyn Canyon is situated at the crust fracture and repre­sents a network of picturesque canyons, measuring 300 meters in depth. It features exotic relief, made of various weirdly shaped figures, cut out by the river in the horizontal Miocene carbonate-terrigenous layers that con­tain interesting paleontological rem­nants.
The Miocene-Pleiocene forma­tions thrust over carbonic rocks, which is especially very obvious on the right bank of the Charyn river, just at the Toraigyr mountain ridge exit. These layers, as the canyon itself, give us an indica­tion as to how the relief was formed: growth of mountains, formation of intermountain basins, and horizontal movements.
One can spot the traces of those movements, throws, and over­thrusts on the rocks of the canyon, which cut through the Miocene layers and deposits of theToraigyr suite of the early carboniferous age.
The Charyn Canyon allows us to look into the processes of relief formation, which is over 300 millions years old. We can admire the beauty of the pyramids, towers, minarets, originality of forms, observe the turn of centuries, and be overwhelmed to the rocks that are million years old.
But what amazes you the most is that this beauty was created by nature. According to the legend, handed down by word of mouth, these place used to be called the Shaitan Kala. And this kingdom of stone features plants many of which were red-listed.
These are: the Charyn Astragalus, the Kolpakov tulip, Asiatic poplar, the Kungey feather grass, the Hi barberry and other. Canyon visitors find themselves in another world. You feel like you have been transported to another dimension.
That is the effect that the natural beauty of the canyon has on you.
Сharyn national nature park is located in the territory of three areas of Almaty region: Uigur, Rayymbek, Enbekshikazakhsky. Postal address of head office: The Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty region, the Uigur area, with Chunzha St. of Kadyrbayev 4. Ph. 8 (72778) 214 33: 236 29;;

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