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Сity square 800 anniversary Moscow in Dushanbe.

Excursions on squares of Dushanbe.

800 Years of Moscow Square is located to the east of Rudaki Avenue, in the triangle of S. Hussein-Zade and Lokhuti streets, to the west of the Opera and Ballet Theatre, to the north of the Vakhsh Hotel and opposite Eskhata Bank.
The square is surrounded by the Indian lilac. As an architectural dominant of the area the fountain which has become by favourite vacation spot of students, artistic bohemia and city dwellers acts.
On a height from east party of the area in a distance from surrounding building and the main prospectus there is a building of the Academic theatre of an opera and ballet of a name of S.Ajni.
The theatre borrows predominating position on the area, is its composite center. Classical reception of statement of a large fountain on an axis of a building in a frame of low bushes and green lawns with colors and sculptures, an original green background of square at the left (where the restaurant Moscow with two years platforms having highly jet color fountains and cosy avenues for rest of the townspeople is located) and to the right of theatre smoothly bending around a building from northeast and east parties, promoted integral end of ensemble of all area.
In the southern party of the area the hotel Vakhsh (now an office building), constructed in 1941 and name hotel Stalinabad (authors is located: architect A.Antonenko and engineer D.Grekova) represents a three-tier building along the southern party of the area.
History The project of the area has been prepared in 1939 (authors of the project: N.Bilibin's architects, Century Gaulles, A.A.Junger, artist S.Zaharov) and construction is carried out in 1939 - 1946 In the beginning under the project the area carried the name Theatrical.
Per 1947 by the decision of city executive committee in honour of celebrating the 800 anniversary of the city of Moscow, it has been renamed into the area of a name of the 800 anniversary of Moscow.
In 2011 the square located to the left of a building of theatre where the restaurant Moscow with two years platforms having highly jet color fountains and cosy avenues for rest of the townspeople has been built up has been arranged well.
In 2013 capital reconstruction of the main fountain which highly jet fountain has turned in цветомузыкальный playing rainbows of colors is made.
Geographical coordinates of square 800 years of Moscow in Dushanbe: N38°34'04.73" E68°47'37.68"

Saliya Mamadjanova, Rustam Mukimov. Architecture and town-planning of Dushanbe (history, the theory and practice). Dushanbe, 2008, with. 173 - 174.

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