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First President of Kazakhstan.

The museum received the first visitors in March 2005. TheFirst President of the Republic of Kazakhstan museum was founded by the President's Decree on August 28, 2004. It is situated in the building the Residence of the President.
The first interior and furnitureof the study and halls did not change from the time of the Head of state. The exposition of the museum contains archival documents, scientific works, books, collections of presents, awards and other materials connected with history of sovereign Kazakhstan and disclosing periods of life, state and public activity of the First President of the country.
Thearchives of the museum has more 124 000 units of storage at the present time. The museum collection has more than 8 000 exhibits. 16 000 copies of books and editions are presented in the President's personal library.
Exposition showing the early period of the First President's life is presented in the hall "Atameken". There are works of arts and crafts, items of everyday life.Photographs and archival documents say about the native land, family, childhood, school years of N. A. Nazarbayev. Diorama of pictorial ancient settlement Ushkonyr of the Zailiski Alatau completed the exposition.
Pieces connected with President's work at the metallurgical factory in Temirtau , with study in Dneprodzerzhinski technical school, photo documents, diary, congratulation programs, certificate about the elegation from Karaganda region for XXVI congress of the CPSU are presented in the hall devoted to the President's biography called «Labor activity of N. A. Nazarbayev».
Expositions devoted to matters of the formation of the Republic of Kazakhstan are placed in the Meeting hall of the former Residence. The museum pieces presented in this hall disclose history of constitutional – law, territorial, strategic, economic, social and political reforms of the independent Kazakhstan.
Archival documents, photographs, maps, drafts reflect these significant processes for the country. A unique exhibition of the highest rewards of the foreign countries called "President's award is gratitude to people" is presented in one of the most beautiful halls "Silver hall".
The exposition starts from "SignofHonor" which was given to N. A. Nazarbayev in 1972. Rare examples of the highest rewards from different states: The Holy apostle Andrew the First-called orden (RussianFederation), The Big Star of Honor (Austria), The Big Cross of the Holy Michael and Holy George ordens of the First degree (Great Britain), Uly Badr's necklace (Kingdom of SaudiArabia) and others.
Paintings, sculptures, works of arts and crafts given to the Head of the state during the business meetings and negotiations and official visits are presented in the solemn Cupola hall. There is an exhibition of different weapons given to the President in the meeting hall of the Security Council.
There are unique examples of parade, hunting, defense weapons and firearms. Visitors are interested in the study of the Head of the state preserved in the primeval condition. Written sets, notebooks with notes and marks, theses of speeches and documents on the table make the atmosphere of President's working days.
Hall of sport achievements of the country-sport implements and trofeys of the Olympic champions, world champions and winners of VII Winter Asian games presents the wreath of Bahtiyar Artayev, belts of Casili Zhirov and Marat Mazimbayev, boxing gloves of Serik Sapiyev, "golden" bicycle given to the President Nursultan Nazarbayev by Alexander Vinokurov, Andrew Kashechkin and Asan Bazayev, the complete set of rewards of VII Asiam games.
Famous "ironictulpar", Dmitri Petruhin's bike on which he traveled in 80 countries of the world over came the way 200 000 kilometers long. The books collection of the museum presents many authors' books with autographs of statesmen and politicians, editions of XVIII - XIX centuries, the collection of editions of Koran, books about culture and folklore of world countries.
The museum holds exhibition work within large-scalep rojects. One of them is the project «Kazakhstan, rushing to the future» where the original traditions, items of the spiritual material cultures of different regions in the country are shown.
Museums of all regions brought the most symbolic and interesting pieces. Another international project - «Dialogue by culture» demonstratedcultureofpeople'softheworldto the visitors. The First President Museum brings its pieces to regional museums of Kazakhstan, develops education programs, museum lessons within enlightenment activity.
The museum studies history of the formation and strengthening the independence of the country within scientific activity.
Address: Astana, Beibitshilik Street, 11. Tel: +7 (7172) 751 214