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Museum of Modern Art.

The museum of Modern Art, earlier known as the regional Museum of Fine Arts of Akmola, was opened on October 2, 1980 for public access, in honour of the 25th anniversary of virgin and fallow land reclamation.
For all the years of its existence, the funds were refilled with works of Art exhibitions Directorate and donative works of artists and collectors, whose life and work are closely connected with the city and also through purchasing various works from local authors.
Nowadays, there are more than 3000 works in the collection of the museum. Among them there are unique works of the artists from Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Tajikistan and other Commonwealth countries.
The collection of the museum is represented by all genres of fine arts; the theme of works, work mechanisms are different. As the masters of a landscape genre there presented national artists of KazSSR such as: A.Kasteev, K.Telzhanov, honoured artists of KazSSR A.Ismailov, J.Shardenov.
Among the portraits exhibitions, the works of such known artists are presented: G.Ismailova, B.Nemensky, the national artist of Tatarstan K.Mullashev and etc. The works of the national artist A.Galimbayeva, the honoured artist of the KazSSR E.Tulepbayeva, the national artist of the USSR D.Nalbandyan, A. Lopukhov were samples of still lifes in the museum.
Among the young masters, the artists like A.Noda, M.Bekeev, A.Obedin, etc. are presented. Genre of the sculpture was presented by the works of the national artist of KazSSR KH.Nauryzbayeva, honoured artist of KazSSR A.Bilyk, the national artist of RSFR E.Vucheticha, the national artist of KazSSR L.Kerbel, L.Kolotilin, E.Sergebayev, B.Tulekov, V.Pirozhkov.
In addition, the museum presents an interesting collection of arts and crafts. In recent years the museum was purchased and donated by the artists and collectors more than 150 paintings, drawings and sculptures.
Every year the museum organizes more than 50 stationary and traveling exhibitions. The museum was visited by over 70 000 people in a year, organized approximately 1000 activities and consultations.
Excursion service covers more than 12 000 people, and lecture about 2000 people. Due to the collection of the museum is constantly updated and renewed, the viewer has the opportunity to present the historical panorama of the Kazakhstan art development, follow up the stages of the development of art styles and trends.
Address: Astana, Respublika Ave., 3. Tel: 8 (7172) 44 01 96, 8(7172) 44 02 47

Museum of Modern Art of Astana.Museum of Modern Art of Astana.Museum of Modern Art of Astana.Museum of Modern Art of Astana.