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River Chirchiq.

Trip from Turkestan to the Fergana Valley.

“Sweetness shudders through the land
    as if, freed from the heat,
                                                    nature’d scooped spring waters in her hand
                                  and splashed her burning feet”

Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev. “Summer evening”.

Adventure tours from Tashkent to Tchimgan.

The second large river of Chirchiq, the river Pskem, begins in glaciers and snezhnik of the Talas Alatau. Its sources are Maydantal and Oygaing after whose merge it flows in the narrow gorge through numerous thresholds.
Around the Charvak reservoir Chatkal and Pskem merge, forming Chirchiq - the inflow of Syrdarji most abounding in water. The river Chirchiq, irrigates with the waters the Tashkent oasis, flows down from slopes of the Talas Alatau and its southwest spurs.
The name "Chirchiq" is meant by the bystry, prompt river or in translation from Tajik means "four rivers" ("cher-chik"). Ugam, Kok-Su, Chatkal and Pskem are the main rivers flowing into the river Chirchiq. The area of the basin of Chirchiq reaches 18061 sq.km.
Length is 155 km, from sources of Chatkal of 328 km. An average consumption of water in a source of 221 cubic meters a second. Before construction of the Charvaksky reservoir, Chirchiq was formed merges of two main rivers: Chatkal on the left side and Pskem on the right side.
The river Pskem receives the beginning in the glaciers of the Talas Alatau which are especially developed and numerous in the left top of the river named by Maydantal. The river flows on the wide pebble course cut in the ancient glacial valley.
At the left it accepts a number of the short inflows following from glaciers. After merge to Oygaing, the largest left inflow of Maydantal, the river receives the name Pskem.