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Assy plateau known since ancient times as a summer pasture, originates at Keesha-Turgen river. The plateau is located within heights from 1700 to 2500 meters above sea level. Here signs of stay of the person of more than 1000-year, both a nomadic, and settled way of life are found.
On April 18, 2004 we left on two Land Cruiser 100 from the Bartogay reservoir. Our way lay on the bridge through the river Chilik on the mountain plateau of Assy. Having passed the river Chilik we passed on the narrow gorge, snow here was not any more.
To the left of us there are low mountains Alabay tal and on the right the foothills of higher ridge Orta tau. Having passed the natural boundary Zhaman uyi with lodges of huntsmen we approached the river Assy. In this place there is a traditional, simple ford through the river Assy.
Here we saw huge ice floes which blocked the bed of the river. Some distance we went on thick, coastal ice of the river. Found flat moving with a small crack in ice and in this place moved to the opposite, left river bank.
Moving on the left river bank of Assy, we six times overcame the small beds of the rivers filled with snow and ice. It is dry small gorges in the summer, now they on one and a half meters were filled up with packed, snow under which the cracked ice artfully lay.
The advanced car from dispersal crashed into snow, sank in it, the winch we pulled out it back, it dispersed and again crashed into snow. Thus by means of shovels, hands, windlass, lock tracks got out on Assy pass. Around on snow and under snow the winter and on this winter snow from outside still hid, the center of livestock production to us two points gray and black ran.
Having come nearer points turned into the lean, become stupid dogs who forced down us from legs - jumped and caressed. Dogs were hungry, shabby with wild eyes. The roll of bread was eaten by them. At the end of August and the beginning of September when the last shepherds wander down on the plain, these dogs were fond of searches of groundhogs lagged behind and were lost. Lived all winter in the neighborhood of the center of livestock production, there and ate casual hunting for foxes and hares.
We started the road went to a way, the benefit towards the gorge Turgen only down and was rather free from snow. The imagination drew cozy hotel accommodations "Rancho Stetson" which was in the gorge Turgen slightly below than the natural boundary Batan.
And here we in the gorge Turgen, passed by the natural boundary Batan and … headlights snatched out a snow wall which left somewhere highly up from darkness. We jump out from the car we shine with lamps and we see a huge avalanche from 2 meters on a cone at the river and further on a slope, more than six meters high.
Thus this day at this local snow giant came to the end. Fuel on an outcome, it catastrophically is not enough for us for a way back. Dejectedly we trudge in the natural boundary Batan, there we were sheltered by two young people who protected someone's economy.
Dogs, found a shelter at these children too. We call by satellite telephone in Almaty, we ask from that party by the morning to bring diesel fuel of 80 liters to an avalanche. At 9 o'clock, next day we meet our friends who with canisters crept over an avalanche.
We service vehicles and on already blazed road we come back to the Bartogay reservoir.

Descent to the river Assy.On May 9, 2004 on Assy pass.In the gorge Turgen on May 9, 2004.Towage.We open the way through the small gorge.On Assy plateau.On May 9, 2004 in the neighborhood of Assy pass.Details of a trip through Assy plateau.The car keeps on slippery soil, protectors are hammered with dirt - full helplessness.In the morning on April 19, 2004 a meeting at an avalanche, we service vehicles fuel from canisters.Details of a trip through Assy plateau.In the gorge Turgen at café Ak-Bulak.Snow silence. We come back to Bartogay. The avalanche did not manage to be overcome.We overcome the ford through the river Assy.In the gorge Turgen. There was such road through boulders not far from the natural boundary Batan at all. Towage.We cleared away this avalanche before May 9, 2004 for journey of our cars. In the gorge Turgen at café Ak-Bulak.On May 9, 2004 in the neighborhood of Assy pass.In snow silence.Descent to the river Assy.Such it was expensive in 2003. The site is 100 meters higher than the natural boundary Batan.Details of a trip through Assy plateau.

Authority and photos
Alexander Petrov.