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Ismail-Ata architectural complex.

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“Sinful feelings led astray, ruined
They forced them to act in front of ordinary people, humiliating them.
They did not give prayers and incantations to read, they were friends with shaitans.
He made himself drift away, piercing with the tip of a dagger, carnal”

Hikmet Khoja Ahmed Yasavi.

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The architectural complex of Ismail-Ata dates from the XIth - XIXth centuries. Located in the center of the village of Turbat, Kazygurt district, Turkestan region. The architectural complex of Ismail Ata adjoins from the north to its main street.
It includes a mosque and a group of saint of the tomb, fan-shaped placed around the perimeter of a small courtyard. Around these buildings has developed a cemetery, which operates today. The courtyard composition of the necropolis is expressed by architectural means - the main facades, solved in the idea of ​​portals, are facing the courtyard.
The originality of the monuments is given by tent coverings reflecting the traditions of the local Turkestan architectural school. A characteristic feature of a number of buildings is the installation of apse, from 3 sides adjacent to the main volume of the building.

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