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Mountain range of Kazygurt.

Tours to mountains of Kazygurt.

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Trip to mountains of Kazygurt.

The Kazygurt ridge (Kazyurt) is located in the eastern part of the Uluchur and Karzhantau mountain ranges in the Tolebi region in the southeastern part of the Turkestan region, in the south of Kazakhstan and belongs to the Western Tien-Shan mountain system.
It stretches from south-west to north-east for 49 kilometers, the greatest width in the north-eastern part is 16 kilometers. The north-eastern border of the ridge is the Badam river valley, from the south the borders are the Zhelbulaksay and Suykbulak river valleys.
The northern end of the Kazurt ridge is bordered by the Angarat mountains. The eastern end of the Kazgurt ridge is bordered by the Karzhantau ridge, which is the western spur of the Ugam ridge. The dominant height of the ridge - Mount Kazgurt 1769 meters above sea level is located in the eastern part of the ridge.
In the southwestern part of the Kazgurt ridge, there is Mount Baganaly, 875 meters above sea level. The ridge is part of the Ugam natural province of the Tien Shan natural region. Between the two main peaks of the ridge lies a vast saddle, through which in ancient times the caravan road ran.
In the western part, the ridge is crossed by the Termez-Almaty highway through the Kazgurt pass at an altitude of 1009 meters above sea level. The Kazgurt mountain range is composed of limestone rocks. Also, karst landforms are widespread here, which are characteristic of groundwater and the formation of caves.
The peculiarities of the local nature are determined by its position in the border zone of the temperate and subtropical zones. Up to an altitude of 700 - 800 meters above sea level, there are ephemerals and a wormwood semi-desert, higher up to 1200 - 1400 meters above sea level, low-mountain large cereal ephemerals dominate subtropical steppes with dark gray soils.
Deciduous fruit forests are found in some areas in this zone. Deciduous fruit forests are found in some areas in this zone. Higher up to 2500-2700 meters above sea level, there are mid-mountain meadow shrub steppes on mountain brown soils with areas of forest-steppe and deciduous forests (apple, hawthorn, walnut, maple, pistachio woodlands.
Geographic coordinates of the Kazygurt ridge: N42 ° 03'19.11 "E69 ° 40'31.83"

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