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Shini-Bini Glacier.

Climbing tour on Pamir Tajikistan.

“The shadow of a large cloud darkened the glaciers, and the indescribably delicate outlines of the snow-sparkling peaks affectionately teased us with their inaccessibility. The kite drew smooth circles in the blue haze over the petrified chaos of the mountain valley.”

Lion Feuchtwanger. "The Jew Suess."

Rock-climbing tour on Pamir.

Upper limit of Shini-Bini glacier is located at an altitude of 5705 (Nadezhda Krupskaya peak) meters above sea level, at an altitude of 6181 (Radio Club peak) meters above sea level, at an altitude of 5965 (Fersman peak) meters above sea level, end of glacier is located at an altitude of 3401 meters above sea level, is located on northern slope of Peter Great ridge, in Sangvor region of Republic of Tajikistan. 
The length of the glacier is 13.3 kilometers, the area of the glacier reaches 20.4 square kilometers, and the perimeter of the glacier is 35.14 kilometers.
History of observations of Shini-Bini Glacier.
On the 1927 map, this glacier merged with the Sugran glacier. In 1932, it ended in a sheer wall about 50 meters high, and between it and the Sugran glacier there was a small lake, which periodically broke through under the glacier. In subsequent years, the Shini Bini glacier retreated far into its valley.
In 1959, the glacier moved, as a result of which it again began to descend into the valley of the Sugran River, and in 1961, its swollen and cracked part of the glacier almost completely blocked it. Then the degradation of the advanced part of the glacier began again (Uskov, Dilmuradov, 1983).
In 1981 - 1983, there was a rapid movement of the Byrs glacier (length 5.0 kilometers, area 9.9 square kilometers), as a result of which its end with a wide ice part similar to a “paw” began to advance into the valley of the Sugran River (Desinov. 1983). 
Geographic coordinates of Shini-Bini glacier: N38°59'32 E71°45'20

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Photos by
Alexander Petrov.