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Sights of Arkalyk.

Towns of Kostanay region.

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Trip from Kostanay to Arkalyk.

Arkalyk Museums:
- local history museum of the history of the steppe region.
The sights of Arkalyk are mainly represented by monuments:
- a monument to A. Imanov, installed on the square in front of the akimat,
- a monument to V.I.Lenin, located on the territory of KUES, as well as near the Museum of the History of the Steppe Region,
- monument to Ch. Valikhanov, installed on the territory of secondary school No. 1,
- a monument to the steppe batyr, Keiki batyr, is installed on the square in front of the museum,
- a monument to the steppe batyr, Shakshak Zhanibek, is located on the square in front of the theater of the young spectator,
- a monument to Aakhmet Baitursynov, located on the square in front of the Omka market,
- a monument to A. Dzhangildin and Amangeldy Imanov, located on the square in front of the museum,- the first ladle of mined bauxite, located in the square in front of the museum,
- the space capsule of the first space tourist D. Tito, located on the square in front of the museum, in a deplorable state,
- a complex of monuments to steppe animals, located on the circle opposite the "Cooperator",
Churches, mosques and parishes of Arkalyk:
- Arkalyk mosque,
- Arkalyk Church of the Holy Trinity, 
- Arkalyk Baptist Church, 
- Roman Catholic parish, 
- Arkalyk Evangelical Church "New Life".
Arkalyk cultural objects
- State Institution Regional Universal Scientific Library No. 2 (website www.arkounb.narod.ru),
- GKKP Arkalyk Kazakh Theater of Young Spectators (Former Palace of Culture "Builder"),
- GKKP Regional Museum of History of the Steppe Territory,
- Arkalyk Palace of Culture (Former Palace of Culture "Miner"),
- Children's youth center "Zhas Ulan" (Former recreation center "Pioneers"),
- Cinema A. Boranbaeva (Former "50 years of October" and "Merey"),
- Cinema "Kazakhstan" (closed).
Arkalyk educational institutions:
- Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute named after I. Altynsarin,
- Torgai Humanitarian College named after N. Kulzhanovs,
- Torgai agro-technical college,
- Arkalyk Medical College.
Arkalyk Hotels:
- Hotel "Aray" (tel: 8 - 71430-7-19-87),
- otel Sayora (Lux hotel) (tel: 8 - 71430-7-24-48), 
- Ho
tel "Arkalyk" (hotel, restaurant, billiards, bowling, karaoke bar, disco club), (tel: 8 - 71430-) (located in the former building of the Dairy).
Shopping and entertainment centers in Arkalyk:
- SEC "Balazhan",
- TC "Arkalyk".
Arkalyk sports facilities:
- Sports complex "Kairat",
- Zhiger stadium,
Arkalyk hippodrome is located 10 kilometers from the town.