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Ishan Gabdollauly Satybaldy mausoleum.

Sacred monuments of Kostanay region.

"We pray for mercy, and this prayer should teach us to respect mercy deeds."

William Shakespeare.

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The mausoleum of Satybaldy ishan Gabdollauly is located at an altitude of 137 meters above sea level, located in the northern part of the ancient necropolis, in the southeastern part of the Amangeldy settlement, the regional center of the Amangeldy district, in the south of the Kostanay region.
The mausoleum is a cult object, a place of worship. The mausoleum has two domes, built in 1899 by the eldest son of Satybaldy Ishan - Myrza Ishan. Satybaldy ishan (1826 - 1898) was one of the enlightened theologians of his time, from childhood he began to comprehend religious science.
Having received the blessing of his second father Shomak (the boy was left an orphan since childhood), Satybaldy went to Tashkent. After a long journey, having endured many hardships and ordeals, he enters a madrasah, and then he is sent as a diligent student to study in Bukhara.
He will devote fourteen years to his studies, then, having passed the exam before the members of the head center - the Asian Muslim Council, he, by unanimous decision, is awarded the honorary title of ishan. After some time, Satybaldy makes the first pilgrimage to the Muslim shrine - Mecca.
By this time, he has already become a famous person, and the fame of him reaches his native lands - the Torgai steppe. Many stories have survived among the people, testifying to his capabilities, but the greatness of this man lies not only in his divine gift.
In his native land, he taught his fellow countrymen not only the basics of Islam, but also many everyday wisdoms that he had learned over the long years of wandering and living in a foreign land. After the death of Satybaldy, they began to be considered a holy person.
For more than 100 years, people from all over the area have walked and continue to bow to the grave of Saint Satybaldy Ishan Gabdollauly, ask him for healing. In the mausoleum are also buried the son of Satybalda, Ishan Faizolla, and a close friend of Omar Kalpe.
Geographic coordinates of the mausoleum of Satybaldy Ishan Gabdollauly: N50 ° 10'55.59 "E65 ° 10'24.51"

Authority and photos by:
Christina Gerasimova.