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Bukhara at Ashtarkhanids.

Journey through the five republics of Central Asia

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Tourist trip to the five republics of the Middle.

Bukhara under the Ashtarkhanids (XVII - XVIII centuries), in 1601 the Ashtarkhanids dynasty (1601-1747) came to power in the Khanate of Khanate from the Chingizid family of the Astrakhan khans. Its founder, Jani Bek, Muhammad was married to his sister Abdullah Khan II.
In the conditions of distemper at the beginning of the XVII century. The sons of Jani-bek alternately became khans: Baki (1601 - 1605) and Vali (1605 - 1611), and then his grandson - Imamkuli (1611 - 1642). Imamkuli Khan managed to strengthen the state, to join Tashkent to the khanate.
However, Khorasan and Samarkand were lost, and Badakhshan became almost independent. In 1642 Imamkuli Khan handed over the throne to his brother Nadir-Muhammad (1642 - 1645) and died during the Hajj.
Amirs of Nadir-Muhammad organized a conspiracy and declared Khan his son Abd al-Aziz (1645 - 1681). Nadir Muhammad appealed for help to Baburid Shah Jahan, which led to a war with the Indians for Balkh.
Brother Abd al-Aziz - Subkhankuli-khan (1681 - 1702 GG) temporarily subjugated the Khiva khanate, but could not stop the civil strife. The son Subhankulm Ubaidulla (1702 - 1711) tried to restore the integrity of the state, but died as a result of a conspiracy.
The brother of Ubaidullah Khan Abulphays (1711 - 1747) was raised to the throne, completely dependent on the amirs. Troubles in Bukhara allowed the Iranian Shah Nadir to easily conquer her in 1740 - 1745.

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