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Ice Palace "Alau".

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"Architecture is the alphabet of giants, the greatest system of visible symbols ever created."

Gilbert Chesterton.

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The ice palace "Alau" is located in the city of Nur-Sultan in its south-western part, along Kabanbay batyr street, 47, south of the Astana-Arena stadium, opposite the western part of the Botanical Garden, on the east side of Lake Taldykol.
Ice Palace "Alau" is an indoor speed skating stadium and sports complex designed to organize speed skating competitions and organize training sessions in mini-hockey with a ball, ice hockey, short track speed skating, curling, figure skating.
The total area of ​​the new complex is over 65,000 square meters. The project of the complex was developed by the Kazakh architectural bureau "VL". Architect: V.A.Laptev.
The total usable area of ​​all blocks Ice Palace "Alau" is 41 670 square meters, including:
Block A ice arena and stands - 35,970 square meters.
Block B hotel - 3,460 square meters.
Block B fitness center - 4,200 square meters.
Block G administrative block - 534 square meters.
The ice arena consists of a 400-meter ice track with stands for 7,500 seats, two hockey courts, a jury hall, a hall for press conferences, and thirteen dressing rooms for athletes. The ice arena hosts competitions, training camps, training for children and youth sports schools in speed skating, figure skating, and hockey.
The Alau fitness center occupies the southern tower of the palace. On the ground floor there is a cafe and a universal hall. The 2nd and 3rd floors accommodate cardio and strength rooms. On the 4th floor, the National Skating Federation of Kazakhstan is located.
The Alau hotel complex occupies one of the three towers of the ice palace. The complex consists of 46 rooms. The ice palace began its work in December 2010 with a test competition - the championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan in speed skating.
From January 30 to February 6, 2011, speed skating competitions were held in Alau as part of the 7th Asian Winter Games. The main result of the games is 9 Asian records set during the competition.
Geographic coordinates of the ice palace "Alau" in the city of Nur-Sultan: N51 ° 06'17.88 "E71 ° 24'18.44"

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