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Peak Plato. Meridional ridge.

Climbing peaks in Meridional ridge.

“Climbing for me is one of the forms of knowledge that inspires me, helps me to oppose my inner world to nature. It is a means to experience a state of consciousness where there is no distraction or expectation. This is an intuitive state of being, something that gives me the opportunity to know the moments of true freedom and harmony."

Lynn Hill.

Traverse of Meridian Ridge.

Peak Plato is located at an altitude of 5850 meters above sea level, located in the northern part of the Meridional ridge in the Narynkol district of the Almaty region. Peak Plato is located at the junction of the Saryjaz Range with the Meridional Range.
The summit is intermediate when climbing the Marble Wall peak. If you use the classic climbing route through the Plato peak, in this case the peak is located between the Pogranichnik peak, 5100 meters above sea level, and the Marble Wall peak, 6140 meters above sea level.
The border guard is located 3.5 kilometers (in a straight line) to the north and slightly east, and the Marble Wall is located in the southeast, 3.3 kilometers from the Plato. The top of the plateau is domed with a small snow ridge extending from northeast to southwest at right angles to the Meridional ridge.
The ridge ridge extending from the summit to the north is rocky, in the south it is rocky-ice. A 3.5 km long glacier descends from the summit to the southwest, which at an altitude of 4,600 meters above sea level connects with glaciers descending from the western slope of the Marble Wall and forms the North Inylchek glacier 42 kilometers long.
History of ascents to the Plato Peak in Meridional range.
The team of the Kazakh Republican Council of the DSO "Spartak" in the period from 14 to 22 August 1965 made the traverse of the peaks: Bayankol 5791 meters above sea level - the peak of Kazakhstan 5669 meters above sea level, Karly Tau peak 5550 meters above sea level , Peak Plateau 5850 meters above sea level and Peak Marble Wall 6140 meters above sea level declared for the USSR championship in the class of traverses. Traverse participants: V. Savin, B. Studenin, G. Petrashko, G. Sverdlina, M. Akimenkov, B, Burambaev, I. Damianidi, G. Fedotov. G. Kireev. D, Ermilova.
Geographic coordinates of Plato Peak: N42 ° 16'53.86 "E80 ° 16'05.91"

Alexander Petrov.

Photos by
Sergei Mikhalkov, Almaty city