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Puppet-show Lukhtak in Dushanbe.

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“We are obedient dolls in the hands of the Creator!
This is not said by me for the sake of words.
The Almighty leads us on the stage on strings
And shoves into the chest, bringing to the end".

Omar Khayyam Giyasaddin Obu-l-Faht ibn Ibrahim.

Dushanbe & Central Asia on Great Silk Road.

Lukhtak Puppet Theater is located on Shotemur Street, corner of Mirzo Tursunzade Street, west of Victory Park, in the eastern part of Dushanbe. The Dushanbe Puppet Theater was established in early 1985 under the leadership of the Honored Worker of Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan Zafar Javadov on the basis of the State Theater.
Lakhuti and the State Theater named after M. Vakhidov. The first performance of the theater was "Sargudashti Nanuk" (Adventures of Nanuk) by Shamsk Kkyamova. Its director and founder of the theater is U. Davronov. The first premiere of the theater "Lukhtak" took place in the House of Pioneers.
A troupe and the necessary specialists were recruited, who helped the emergence of the 13th professional theater in Tajikistan. There was intensive work on the preparation of performances. Professionals (puppeteers, artists) from other theaters were invited.
On September 7, 1985, the theater was opened with the play "The Adventures of Muk" (author Sh. Kulyamov, director Z. Javadov, artist A. Geyvandov, composer K. Yakhyaev). Over the entire existence of the theater, more than 40 plays have been staged, both by modern Tajik and foreign authors.
A children's studio has been created at the theater, the students of which take part in staging some performances. In 1986, the theater was invited to Germany to participate in the "Days of Tajikistan" as a guest. In 1988 they were in Switzerland, in 1989 - in Mongolia, Czechoslovakia.
In 1991-1992, in Tehran, they participated in an international theater festival held there. The performances were enthusiastically received by the audience. They took part in the "Peace March" held in Paris in September 1995.
Were at festivals in Lahore (Pakistan, 1998), and in Italy (1999). All performances were successful. The theater went to Italy with the play "Reflections on War and Peace" (directors A. Aminov, Z. Javadov, artist A. Geivandov).
The performance is dedicated to the civil war and post-war events in the republic. Dolls for him are made in the traditional national manner, ethnographic motifs, folklore and music of the Tajik people are also used. No more than 10 people are involved in the performance.
Children from the children's studio took part in the performance "Kind Thoughts, Kind Words, Good Deeds..." (directed by A. Aminov, Z. Javadov, 1999). The performance was dedicated to the 90th anniversary of academician B. Gafurov and the 1100th anniversary of the formation of the Samanid state.
In 2001, "The Capricious Lion Cub" by A. Mukhamaddiev was staged. From September 25 to October 2, 2007, the first international festival of puppet theaters - "Chodari hayol" ("Fantasy Curtain") was held in the capital's state puppet theater from September 25 to October 2, 2007.
Currently, the Puppet Theater is located in the former building of the Youth Theatre. After staging the performance "Dah shohzoda" ("Ten Princes") by N. Gusev, S. Potapchenko, the Theater received universal recognition from its audience.
Shamsi Kiyamov's play "Oftobak, mokhtobak va khurusak" ("The Sun, the Moon and the Cockerel") had the greatest success. The theater team maintains close ties with foreign colleagues. For example, the director of the puppet show "Bal-Durin the Clown" Vent Utz Bross from Germany recently visited Dushanbe.
Together with the chief director of the theater Zafar Dzhavodov, Utz Bross staged a performance here, which was highly appreciated by the audience. Bekbulat Parmonov, a director from Kazakhstan, came to Dushanbe and successfully staged a puppet show “Rubokhaki khnlagor” (“Cunning Fox”) by V. Pavlovsky.
Since 1985, the theater troupe has repeatedly traveled to foreign countries: Germany, Switzerland, Mongolia, and in October 1991 to Iran for the third International Festival of Theaters "Arusak".
Geographical coordinates of Lukhtak Puppet Theater in Dushanbe: N38°34'45.81" E68°47'51.19"