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Mausoleum of Mirzo Tursun-zade in Dushanbe.

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“Burn, poet, - from the warmth of burning
Take, poet, your poems.
Let your heart burn like a furnace,
Then you will warm the human soul.”

Mirzo Tursun-zade.

Cultural monuments of Tajikistan.

The Mausoleum of Mirzo Turssunzade is located in Luchob Park, north of Karamov Street, near a high hill of the same name, which rises at the bend of the Luchob and Varzob rivers in the northwestern part of Dushanbe.
In 1981, at the burial site of the poet on Luchobsky Hill in the city of Dushanbe, a light, but at the same time strict appearance of the mausoleum of architect B. A. Zukhuriddinov and sculptor D. B. Ryabichev appeared
The new complex of the State University and the green areas of the Frunze stadium are clearly visible from the upper platform. The architectural and artistic composition of the mausoleum consists of three open pylons lined with light marble.
At the central pylon there is a tombstone with a bust of the poet. All this classical composition is crowned with a symbolic openwork dome of eastern outline. The surface of the pylon outside and inside is lined with white carved marble based on Tajik folk art.
In general, the mausoleum of Mirzo Tursunzade is one of the most striking works of architecture and art in Tajikistan in the early 80s.
Geographical coordinates of mausoleum of Mirzo Tursunzade in Luchob park of Dushanbe: N38°36'03.80" E68°46'06.08"

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