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Museum of antiquities.

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The Museum of National Antiquities in Rajabov Street is оnе of the great museums of Central Asia. It was, and continues to Ье, а centre for scholars, both Tajik and Russian. It is housed in аn impressive neo-classical building, recently renovated.
The exhibits аге well set out with descriptions in Tajik, Russian and some in English. Staff аrе helpful. There is аn excellent guidebook and also а shop selling books, jewelry, pottery and gifts.
The highlight is the Sleeping Buddha in Nirvana, at 16 metres long, the largest such figuгe in Central Asia. It dates from the Kushan period, around АО 500. It was excavated from Ajina-Терра, near Qurghan Тарра, about 100 kms south of Dushanbe in 1960.
Made of clay, it had to Ье removed in pieces, and reassembIed in the museum. The main entrance hall has two fine statues of mountain goats from the 5th Зrd centuгy ВС, and an altar from the Temple of Oxus, Takht-I Sangin, near the banks of the Amu Оагуа in the far south of Tajikistan, from the 4th 3rd century вс.
The coin collection features gold Alexander coins from the Sughd region. According to Greek historians Alexander married а Sogdian [Tajik] princess, Roxanne. The national museum of antiquities of Tajikistan city Dushanbe in is opened in 2001. The museum is a departmental museum, but at the same time has also the national status that became a recognition of value and importance of its collections at the state level.
Collections of a museum have made the archeologic materials collected by researchers of Tajikistan and their colleagues from scientific and museum center of Moscow, St.-Petersburg, other cities of the Russian Federation, and also foreign scientists for almost century history of archeologic studying of Tajikistan.
Expositions of a museum are located in a two-storeyed building and represents masterpieces and valuable archeologic monuments from the excavation, spent the Academy of sciences in Tajikistan.
The museum is proud of the assemblies of products of an epoch ellins from temple Oks on site of ancient settlement Takhi Sangin, masterpieces wall painting Pendjikent. The Most popular and valuable museum piece of all Tajikistan usually name the statue exposed in a museum the Buddha in a nirvana.
Its length of 12,85 m, and weight 5,5 т. The statue has been found out during archeologic researches of a Buddhist monastery of the early Middle Ages in Adjina tepa and today is one of the largest and ancient monuments of the Buddhism in the world.
 In a museum the unique monuments of material and spiritual culture found at excavation in Khojend, Pendjikent, Istaravshan, Kulyab, Khalbuk are presented also. Information in the Tadjik and English languages.
The Museum is included into number of the most visited museums of Dushanbe. Survey and thematic excursions for tourists, schoolboys and students are spent. The museum participates in foreign exhibitions.
The address: Republic Tajikistan, of Dushanbe, street Radzhabovs, 7: Тел.: (992 37 227 13 50: 221 37 42. The museum is opened: from 10.00 till On Saturday: from 10.00 till On Sunday: from 10.00 till. The Day off: Monday the Input paid: 15 somoni

The Tourist guidebook on monuments of Dushanbe. 2012.

Alexander Petrov.