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Skogach Glacier.

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“Let me in the wanderings of the coming
Forever shine like a lighthouse
Passes, rocks, steeps,
Mountains are my youth! ”

Yuri Vizbor. September 1954 Again in Turgrad.

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Upper limit of Skogach glacier is located at an altitude of 5477 meters above sea level, end of glacier is located at an altitude of 3171 meters above sea level, located on northern slope of Mazor Range, in Sangvor region of Republic of Tajikistan. 
The length of the glacier is 12 kilometers, the area of the Skogach glacier is 12.6 square kilometers. The glacier is located in the Obihingou River basin on the northern slope of the Mazorskiy Range, which is a large spur of the Darvaz Range. The Iskogach River flowing from the glacier, 9.6 kilometers long, flows into the Bohud River.
Skogach is a valley glacier, the volume of ice is 1.2 cubic kilometers. The moraine covers 1.1 square kilometers of the glacier's surface. The firn region of this typical valley glacier is located in extensive valleys, and the long part of the glacier descends through a narrow, deep valley to an altitude of 3050 meters above sea level.
At an altitude of 4000 - 4200 meters above sea level there is an impassable icefall about 2 kilometers long. The lower part of the glacier is covered with moraine. The speed of ice movement is about 42 centimeters per day, in the middle part of the glacier 10 centimeters per day and near the end of the glacier.
During the ablation period, the glacier melts about 3 meters of ice (Sannikov, Yablokov, 1974).
History of observations of Skogach glacier.
Since 1969, for many years, glaciological observations were carried out on the glacier by specialists from the Tajik Hydromet. The total retreat of the Skogach glacier from 1969 to 1976 was 76 meters, an average of 11 meters per year. From 1975 to 1991, it retreated another 67 meters at an average rate of 4.2 meters per year.
Moreover, only in 1991 did he retreat immediately by 10 meters. During the period from 1969 to 1986, the glacier lost 98.8 million cubic meters of ice, which is 8.2% of its total mass, an average of 0.5% of mass per year.
Geographic coordinates of Skogach glacier: N38°43'27 E71°30'29

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Photos by:
Alexander Petrov.