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Mangyshlak peninsula. One-day tours on Mangyshlak. Sacred places of Mangistau province.

Mangistau province. Western Kazakhstan. Excursion trips on religious relics Mangistau.

Northern Tien-Shan mountains. Ascentions in gorge Small Almaty. Almaty province.

Natural national parks of Kazakhstan. Walks and hiking on natural national parks of Kazakhstan.

Northern capital Kazakhstan. Monuments of architecture and history of Astana.

Archeologic and historical monuments of the Western Kazakhstan.

Almaty city. Architectural monuments of Almaty and neighboring sights.

Province centers Kazakhstan. Excursions on historical and architectural places of interest.

Cave painting Zhambyl of province. An epoch of bronze of Southern Kazakhstan.

Almaty province. Galleries of petroglyphs of ancient artists of Almaty province.

Rafting on the rivers of Kazakhstan. Adventures on the rivers of Kazakhstan.

Almaty province. Walks and jeep-tour on Almaty area and in mountains Northern Tien-Shan.

Tulips in Kazakhstan. Excursions behind tulips. Wild tulips of Kazakhstan.

Mangyshlka nature. Excursion individual tours over places of interest of Mangyshlak. Western of Kazakhstan.

From Taraz town excursions on see the sights. Natural and architectural places of interest Zhambyl province.

Aksu-Zhabagly reserve. Excursion trips on gorges and natural boundaries of reserve.

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