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All-weather a jeep tours over mountain roads of Kyrgyzstan and the Central Asia.

Lenin peak 7134 meters an climbing. Osh - Osh. Ridge Zaalaiskiy. Mountains Pamir. 2016.

Expedition to peak Lenin height of 7134 meters. Fixed dates. Bishkek - Bishkek. Pamir traverse. 2016.

Rock-climbing in Kyrgyzstan. A Turkestan ridge and Celestial mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

Ascention in Central Tien-Shan. The most northern top on a planet more than 7000 meters. 2016.

To Lenin peak height of 7134 meters. Bishkek - Bishkek. Mountain ridge Zaalay. 2016.

Climbing to Lenin peak, height of 7134 meters. The fixed dates. Osh – Osh. Pamir mountains. 2016.

Mountain hiking in mountains Tien-Shan. Central Tien-Shan and mountains Terskey Ala-Too.

Meetings and accompanying service at departure of tourists on the Kyrgyz checkpoints.

Trekkings on Pamiro-Alay mountains. A Turkestan ridge. Patagonia southern Kyrgyzstan.

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