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Silk Great Way in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Historical tours over the Great Silk Way of the Central Asia.

Central Asia and Kazakhstan. Cultural, cognitive and FAM tours over.

Atyrau province tours over tourist places. Tours to cretaceous plateaus Akkergeshen, Aktolagay.

Baikonur - tours to town and cosmodrome. Kyzylorda of province. Southern Kazakhstan.

Baikonur cosmodrome - tourism to space and in Kazakhstan. The legendaryof the earth Kyzylorda.

VIP-tours in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan.

Altay Kazakh travel across. Trekkings and trip in the East Kazakhstan of province.

Aral sea northern area expeditions of Kazakhstan. Aralsk town and lakes in Kyzylorda of province.

Mangistau of province pilgrimages. Peninsula of Mangyshlak - West of Kazakhstan.

Almaty of province. The Kazakhstan archeologic and historical tours.

Botanical tours. South-Kazakhstan, Zhambyl, Almaty of provinces.

Automobile tours from Russia to Kazakhstan and across the Central Asia.

By machines across Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

Trekking and hiking in mountains Zailiiskiy of Alatau. Northern Tien-Shan of Kazakhstan.

Hunting with of prey and hunting birds traditional in Kazakhstan. Hunting with a falcon and golden eagle.

Horses travel in Kazakhstan. Ecological tours in mountains of Kazakhstan.

The information on service of tours in Kazakhstan from the tourist company “ Silk Road Adventures ”.

Tian-Shan transit - tour with different options. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China.

Phototours over Kazakhstan and the Central Asia. Phototours with Alexander Petrov.

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