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West-Altay reserve. The nature of the East Kazakhstan of province.

Markakol national nature reserve. The nature Altay and East Kazakhstan.

Usrtyrt the state natural reserve. Natural places of interest Southwest Kazakhstan.

Kolsay national natural park. Natural places of interest Almaty of province.

Ile-Alatau national nature park. Turgen gorge. Sights of Zailiiskiy Ala-Tau mountains.

Almaty national natural reserve. Mountains Northern Tien-Shan.

Altyn-Emel national natural park. Singing barchan, Kattu-Tau and Aktau mountains.

Barsakelmes national natural reserve. Tours and excursions to Barsakelmes reserve.

Katon-Karagai national natural park. Monuments of nature of Kazakhstan.

Ile-Alatau national nature park. Tours in Ile-Altau national park