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The Great Silk Road of Uzbekistan and the Central Asia.

The great names of history of Central Asia. A cultural and spiritual heritage of people of Central Asia.

Samarkand province the greatest architectural monuments. History of Uzbekistan.

Samarkand palaces and architectural ensembles of ancient. Architecture of Central Asia.

Samarkand ancient necropolises and tomb of the saint in history. Relics of an islam of Samarkand.

Legends and traditions of Samarkand about people, cities and events of the ancient ground Maveranahra.

Registan the area architectural ensemble - heart of Samarkand. Madrasah Tillya-Kari, madrasah Ulegbek, madrasah Sher dor.

Shakhi-i-Zinda the mausoleums and funeral complex in Samarkand. Necropolises of the Central Asia.

Samarkand christian temples. Religious churches and temples of Uzbekistan.

Bukhara of history - the major events in history of ancient city. Sogd - the beginning of Bukhara.

The mausoleums and tombs of Bukhara. Architectural treasures of culture ancient Sogda.

History of Khiva. Ancient civilization Khorezm and Khivan khanate.