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About visit of the Charyn canyon and its vicinities.

What is necessary for a trip on Charyn canyons. 

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” 

Augustine of Hippo.

Border area of Almaty region.

Dear tourists, at visit of "the Charyn canyon" you visit the Uigur region of Almaty region. The Resolution of the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of April 16, 2014 No. 356 agrees. article 1 of point 3 (reference to the website:, the specified area is a border area of the Republic of Kazakhstan with People's Republic of China.
We ask you, at entrance to a border area at itself to have the documents proving the identity in case of lack of documents the penalty at a rate of 5 MRP according to the article 510 "Violation of a Frontier Regime in a Border Area and an Order of Stay in Certain Areas", point 1 subparagraph 1,2 is collected. Administrative Code of RK "1. the citizen of RK without identity documents.
2. To foreign citizens and persons without citizenship without documents, it is also necessary to have at itself the documents proving the identity, or the admissions issued by law-enforcement bodies (the admission in case of visit of a border area, near a borderland)" (the reference to the website: 

Charyn canyon.Charyn canyon.Charyn canyon.

Regards, Border service of KNB Republic of Kazakhstan.