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People of Central Asia have rich cultural heritage with deep historical roots!

The company "Silk Road Adventures" is the best tour operator in Central Asia which has 29 years of working experience in organization of various tours. We have helped thousands of people to discover historical and architectural monuments of Central Asia and fall in love with its unique nature. There are many unique natural landscapes on huge spaces of this extensive region such as Caspian sea, Plateau Ustyurt, the world’s only underground mosques on peninsula of Mangyshlak and paleontologic plateaus Aktolagay and Akkergeshen. Ancient civilizations of Samarkand, Shakhrisabz, Bukhara, Khiva have formed the Great Silk Way which is the link of times and traditions, it gives people an ability to move forward together. Gold Fergana valley, Roof of the World - mountains of Pamir, magnificent lake Song-Kol at enourmous height, there are Khan-Tengri and Pobeda peaks in Central Tien-Shan mountains, there are peaks Somoni and Lenin in Pamir mountains. The are number of caves on plateau Kugitang. There is a marvelous burning gas crater Darvaza in Karakum desert. The ancient settlement Margush, architectural monuments of ancient Merv and Kunya-Urgench which are also located on Silk Way.

Unique tourist regions of the Central Asia.

Gold tours in Central Asia.

Helpful information  for tourists.

Excursion in Uzgen.
Memorial complex of Przhevalskiy.
Markakol nature reserve.
Singing dunes.
Lake Merzbacher.
Dungan Mosque in Karakol.
Balayuk cave.
Boszhira valley.
Trip to Kunya-Urgench.
To plateau Kugitang.
Lake Issyk-Kul.
Bukhara and Margush.
Hunting with a golden eagle.
Bartogai reservoir.
Alay valley.
Gas crater Darvaza.
Kokpar of national game in Kazakhstan.
Boom gorge.
Mosque Beket-Ata.
Across Central Asia. 50 days.
Canyons Konorchek.
Karakol town.
Song-Kol Lake.
Trip to park Altyn-Emel.
Thermal spring Altyn-Arashan.
Excursion to Astana. 
Western-Altai nature reserve.
Big Beshatyr burial mound.


Tour on Karalpakstan in Uzbekistan.
5 days and 4 nights.
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Restaurants and night clubs in Almaty.
Hotels in Kazakhstan.
Kazakh food.

Map of Kazakhstan.
Launch Schedule. 2015.
Realization tours in Kazakhstan.
Services of guides and translators in Kazakhstan.
Visiting to Baikonur.
Map of Tajikistan.
Kazakh Musical Instruments.
Hotels in Kyrgyzstan.
Dastarkhan Kazakhs.
Automobile check points of motor vehicles to Kazakhstan. 
Customs Declarationin in Kazakhstan.
Diplomatic missions in Kazakhstan.
Map of Kyrgyzstan.
Visa-support and registration in Kazakhstan.
Visiting of boundary and military zones in Kazakhstan.
Driving, Car Travel, Accommodation and taxis in Kazakhstan.
Spring in Kazakhstan.
Summer in Kazakhstan.
Autumn in Kazakhstan.
Winter in Kazakhstan.

Tour over Pamir in Kyrgyzstan.
13 days and 12 nights.
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Start spacecraft Union from Baikonur. 2018. 
3 days and 2 nights.
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Horse-riding in Kyrgyzstan.
14 days and 13 nights.
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Tour from Uzbekistan to Kazakhstan.
21 days and 20 nights.
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Ascension on peak Lenin.
21 days and 20 nights.
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Tour on Mangyshlak.
14 days and 13 nights.
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Trekking to peak Khan-Tengri.
14 days and 13 nights.
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Tour to Aral Sea.
From Muinak to Aralsk.

12 days and 11 nights.
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