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Markakol national nature reserve. The nature Altay and East Kazakhstan.

Barsa-Kelmes national natural reserve. Tours and excursions to Barsa-Kelmes reserve.

Borovoye natural park. National natural parks inn Central Kazakhstan.

Sairam-Ugam national nature park. Climbing and tours to peak Sairam.

Ile-Alatau nature park. Left Talgar Gorge. The nature of Northern Tien Shan.

Buyratau natural park. Sights of wonderful nature Ereimentau.

Ile-Alatau nature park. Aksay gorge. Sights of the parks of Kazakhstan.

Katon-Karagai national natural park. Wildlife Tours in Kazakhstan Altai.

Kolsay kolderi natural park. Tours by the nature of Kazakhstan.

Ile-Alatau natural park. Small Almaty gorge. Trekking in Kazakhstan.