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Achysai cave.

Visiting the Karatau mountains in Turkestan region.

“Life in travel goes on as it should: a certain daily routine is being worked out, everyone knows their duties, these responsibilities take up all day - from sunrise to darkness”

Murzaev E.M.

Walk to the Achysai cave.

Achysai cave is located in the Karatau mountains, in the territory of the Turkestan district of the Turkestan region, not far from the village of Achisay. The length of the Achysay cave is 30 meters, a width of 3 meters, a height of 3 meters. Air temperature does not exceed 10 - 12 º C.

D. A. Taleev. "Code of monuments of the South Kazakhstan region." Architectural and archaeological heritage of the South Kazakhstan region. In the framework of the regional program "Cultural Heritage".

Alexander Petrov.