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Airitam ancient town.

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Ayritam - the ancient settlement consisting of a number of separate sights and monuments located along the right coast of Amu Darya River in 18 km to the East from Termez with a total area about 90 hectares.
In the Greco-Bactrian time (II century AD) in Ayritama erected monumental building - the fort. In the Greco-Bactrian time ( II century BC) in the territoriy of Ayritamit there was erected the monumental building - a Fort.
Extensive construction of Buddhist religious and cult monuments begins in Ayritam with turn of our era in connection with penetration of the Buddhism into Northern Bactria. The ruins of the Greco-Bactrian buildings were used as a platform for Buddhist temples.
In the Kushan period  develops a large Buddhist temple-monastic center in Ayritame, which stretches almost 3 km along the banks of the Amu Darya. Buildings of a complex were ornated by a sculpture and the architectural decor were executed  of marble-like limestone. In construction burnt brick was widely applied.
Around the complex there were household and industrial outlets including brick burning and pottery furnaces were identified. In the second half of the III century Airtam comes to decline and is no longer be restored Academician M. Masson, the scientist who conducted  researches  in 1932 found there some magnificent Buddhist sculptures and plates with the images of musicians and holders of garlands.