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Akkesene Tower.

Great Silk Road in Kazakhstan.

“Millions are you. Us - darkness, and darkness, and darkness.
Try it, fight us!
Yes, Scythians - we are! Yes, Asians are us
With slanting and greedy eyes! ”

Alexander Blok. The Scythians. 1918.

Visiting monuments of Zhambyl region

Akkesene Tower is located in the southern part of the Moyunkum Desert, in the northwestern part of the Itbay valley, 33 kilometers northwest of the Boltirik Sheshen village, 14.8 kilometers northeast of the small village of Dosbol and 79.2 kilometers to the south and slightly east of the village of Zhalaykol in the northern part of the Talas district of the Zhambyl region.
Akkesene - an ancient town-fortress In 1896 it was investigated by V.A.Kallaur. The exact date of occurrence is unknown. The fortress is rectangular in shape, area 100 x 100 meters, has a fence. In the north-west of the fortress there is a mud brick tower 9 meters high.
Akkesene Tower is one of the few preserved watchtowers of the Kipchak period (XIII - XVII centuries). The Kokkesene fortress is located next to it. It is possible that the names of these fortresses contain the Turkic words ak ("west") and kok ("east"), since this is precisely their mutual arrangement.
According to G.I. Patsevich (head of the Zhambyl archaeological expedition in 1946), the monument served as a watchtower. Has the status of an architectural monument of the Zhambyl region.
Geographic coordinates of the Akkesene tower: N44 ° 07'29.17 "E70 ° 29'31.34"

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