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Aksukent village.

Trips in the Sairam district.

“The traveler is usually extremely poorly aware of the country in which he is. He sees only the facade of the building. Almost everything inside is unknown to him.”


A trip to the village of Aksukent.

Aksukent (Kaz. Aқsukent). Since 1934, the administrative center of the Sairam district of the South Kazakhstan region has been the central estate of the Pobeda vegetable and milk production farm. Until 1990, the village was called White Waters.
The village is located in the Sairam district of Turkestan region. It is the administrative center of the Aksukent rural district. Located 3 kilometers northeast of the city of Shymkent on the right bank of the Aksu River - a tributary of the Arys River and 1 km from the railway station Mankent.
Founded at the end of the XIXth century. There is a repair of agricultural machinery, a plant for building materials. The highway Almaty - Tashkent passes through the village of Aksukent. The population for 1985 was 22,700. At the beginning of 2019, the population of the village amounted to 24,491 people of which - 12,522 men and 11,969 women.

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Alexander Petrov.