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Aktash Karzhantau gorge.

Trip to gorge Aktash in mountains Korzhantau.

“Everything in excess is opposed to nature” 


Trip from Tashkent to gorge Aktash.

The gorge Aktash located in 65 kilometers to the northwest from Tashkent in ridge Karzhantau spurs, in Bastanlyksk district of the Tashkent region. The gorge Aktash located in 62 kilometers to the northwest from Tashkent in ridge Karzhantau spurs is distinguished from mountain resorts of the Western Tien Shan with special, extremely soft microclimate.
At these small heights - 1120 - 1137 meters above sea level - the summer never happens dry and hot as on the plain, and the fall comes not too early. When on Chimgan's slopes snow already lies, the dense woods around Aktash do not lose the bright coloring of kroner blinding a look even in cloudy weather vegetation, twists with dense galleries round, dome-shaped tops.
Today in places, especially from a distance, looks a wild and primitive jungle, the artificial terraces which are climbing up from a foot of hills did not give a man-made origin of the local wood in which local breeds of fruit trees - apple-trees, walnut and a cherry plum grow with oaks, ash-trees and maples.
Locals remembers what agalmatolit local rocky hills and taluses poor in water among which masons in the Middle Ages got a white ornamental stone ("Aktash"), turned into the forest natural boundary in the blossoming oasis.

Andrey Kudryashov. Ташкент.