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Algazy island on Balkhash lake.

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Travel around islands of Lake Balkhash.

 Algazy island is located in the upper part of Lake Balkhash, stretches from the northwest to the southeast for 7 kilometers, the width is from 1 to 3 kilometers, its area is about 13 square km.
n the north of  Algazy island there is Baigabyl Peninsula.
From the northern shore it is separated by the channel 1.5 kilometers wide, from the southern shore by the channel about 4 kilometers wide.
The banks are flat, the north-western part is most elevated.
The absolute height is 366 meters above sea level. It is composed of Devonian sandstones with the streaks of tuffs.
The surface is covered with thinned wormwood-saltwort vegetation on brown gravelly soils.

A source:
Brief encyclopedia Kazakh SSR, Volume 2, Nature, Alma-Ata, 1990. L. Kalybayev.

Alexander Petrov.