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Alma-Ata Electrotechnical Plant.

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The Alma-Ata Electrical Engineering Plant was located on Richard Sorge Street, 18 between the streets of the Parisian Commune and Lev Tolstoy in the Oktyabrsky (since 1995 Turksibsky) district of Almaty. 
The Alma-Ata Electrotechnical Plant (AETZ) was created in 1941 on the basis of the Transsvyaz plant, which was evacuated to Alma-Ata from Kharkov. Along with the equipment, specialists arrived in trains - 385 people.
During the war, the plant produced products for the front: batteries, telephones, military bowlers. According to publicly available information, the plant produced lamps, irons and other civilian products, but in addition, circuit boards and microelectronics for Soviet missiles and parts for the military industry were produced in secret workshops.
In secret reports, the plant was listed under the name “Mailbox No. 7”, and there was no more information about it.   The plant successfully developed and operated until the huge enterprise was mothballed in the 90s.
For many years the workshops stood abandoned, and paid overnight parking appeared in the yard. In 2011, its administrative building was sold and rebuilt into the Mart shopping center, which is located at Richard Sorge, 18.
Some areas were converted into parking, and all workshops and utility rooms were rented out as warehouses to private investors.
Geographic coordinates of Alma-Ata Electrotechnical Plant: N43°20'09.44" E76°57'13.53"

If you are using geographic coordinates for Google Earth or Google Maps navigation systems, you must remove the last two digits from geographic coordinates and " (hundredths of a second) and enter the result in the input line. Example: N51°44'09.67" E72°39'40.81" = N51°44'09 E72°39'40 


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