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Almaty Shopping Tour.

Almaty is the largest town in Kazakhstan, and serves as the main transportation hub of the country, with crowds of travelers stopping by each day. Perhaps it is because of this foot traffic that Almaty shopping is so abundant. With upscale retailers that you would find in a European city such as BMW, Benetton and many others, Almaty has enough shopping options to keep anyone busy. 
Meloman shop.
Meloman is the shop to visit if you are looking for authentic Kazakh music, literature and film. Its friendly staff will help familiarize you with local music and assist with your selection. The books sold here are mostly in Russian and the Kazakh language, but there is also a selection of books in English.
Large Markets and Malls.
A large flea market takes place near the edge of Almaty in Barakholka. The market is open from Tuesday to Sunday, and offers clothing, cars, animals and other goods. Chinese, Uzbek and Uyghur merchants will often gather here to sell their wares.
To reach the market by bus, hop on a “Barakholka” bus traveling west from Rayymbek. Zelyony Bazaar is a huge, sprawling market with vendors set up indoors and out. The main products sold here are food items, although you can also find unique clothing.
Every Sunday from December to March, the Central Asian Crafts Fair takes place at the Republican Palace of Schoolchildren, selling excellent crafts for very affordable prices. Silk Way City is one of the many areas in Almaty that contain international stores and upscale shops.
This main mall is found in the city center, and houses stores such as Yves Rocher and Zara. Other malls for upscale shopping include the Mega Center Alma-Ata and Ramstor.
Buying Art.
The largest department store in the city is TsUM. This store is actually comprises many smaller shops where you can find clothing, china, glass, electronics, gifts, and cosmetics. The ground floor is full of mobile phones, while the top floor is the place to go for souvenirs and gifts.
If you want traditional jewelry, ornamental swords, or fur hats, make sure to pay a visit to TsUM, which is located in the city center. If you're interested in local artwork from Kazakhstan and other former Soviet countries, stop by Tengri Umai at the city center.
Many people enjoy the modern works found here, as they use a rainbow of bright colors. Other places to check out art include the Kasteev National Museum, which has an art shop gallery, the Almaty Art Center, and Rysbek Akhmetov Art Gallery.
Two Shopping Streets.
The main shopping street in Almaty is Gogol, located in the northern section of the city near Paniflov Park. Here you can find designer labels such as Ferragamo. While most of the stores contain American and European brands, there are also smaller stores that stock Russian and Kazakh brands.
Another shopping area is Zhibek Zholy, which is just a few blocks from Gogol Street. Much of the street is occupied by a farmer's market and a flea market. The locally made honey is fantastic here, as is the yogurt. Many people also like to walk down this shopping street simply to people watch. 
Antique shop.
Antikvar is a great shop to purchase souvenirs and antiques. It offers a large variety of items with cultural and historical significance, including traditional Kazakh instruments and rugs.
Angela Moda.
Angela Moda is a cool clothing store for the whole family. You will be pleasantly surprised by its selection, including urban chic and colorful local fashions. The boutique’s professional staff is always willing to assist with your purchase.
Tengri Umai Gallery.
The Tengri Umai Gallery was among the first private galleries to be opened in Almaty after Kazakhstan’s independence. It has always been the best place to buy modern Kazakh art at very reasonable prices. It showcases works of local artists, as well as art from other former Soviet nations.
!Aruai is a very well known clothing line from Kazakhstan that has been on the market since 2008. The clothing design is unique and very eye-catching, including dresses, suits, skirts and much more. The company preserves the multitude of local colors by mixing them in various aspects.
 Amore Jewelery.
Amore Jewelery offers a wide range of items made of semi-precious stones, as well other jewelry that you won't find anywhere else in the city, including an impressive selection of gold and diamond rings. The staff is always happy to assist you with your purchase.
TsUM, or the Central Department Store, can be found in almost every former Soviet country. This store has all you need in order to remember your trip from Almaty, with souvenirs such as regionally embroidered hats and rugs and much more.
Tekvin Almaty.
Tekvin Almaty is a jewelry store with great prices and high quality merchandise. Its selection is updated on a daily basis, so make you sure you pop in to find a bargain.
 Arbat Shopping Street.
Zhybek Zholy Street, or Arbat as the locals call it, is Almaty’s main shopping street. A stroll down this road will give you an idea of how diverse the shopping can be in Kazakhstan. Here you will find famous shops, such as Zara, as well as other small but unique shops, like TsUM. This pedestrian street is also the place where local artists sell their masterpieces.
Ular Gallery.
The Ular Gallery is a modern art gallery founded in 1993 by Kazakh artist, Yuri Markovich. It is one of the most notable galleries in town, offering various exhibitions of local artists on a regular basis. The gallery also sells some of its masterpieces at affordable prices.
Oner Art Gallery.
The Oner Art Gallery is another venue in Almaty where you can admire Kazakh modern art. It works in close relation with the Ular Gallery, sometimes partcipating in joint showcases. The venue proudly presents contemporary Kazakh art in all aspects, including oil canvases, acrylic paintings, photographs and much more.
Central Exhibition Hall.
The Central Exhibition Hall dates back to Soviet times, when there was only one gallery in the city. Since the collapse of the USSR, it has gained new popularity, and still stands out as an impressive exhibition hall. The venue offers various themed exhibitions, art shows and other activities.

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