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Alyb fortress.

Archaeological monuments of history of Kazakhstan.

"History should not overstep the limits of truth, and truth alone is enough for honest deeds."

Pliny the Younger.

Cultural monuments of the Kyzylorda region.

The Alyb fortress is located on the northern periphery of the Chirik-Rabat oasis, on a small elevation 96 meters above sea level. The fortress is surrounded on all sides by dry channels of the ancient delta channels of the Kuvandarya in the Kazaly district of the Kyzylorda region, 25.7 kilometers north-east of the Sarbulak aul.
The monument is an almost square fortress (57 x 57 x 56 x 54 meters) with rounded corners, enclosed by well-preserved walls to a height of 6 meters. The wall is made of adobe bricks. Walls with a defensive corridor (2.6 meters wide), but without towers, with many arrow-shaped loopholes on two levels.
The distance between the loopholes is 2 meters, the height of the loopholes is 1 meter. The entrance to the fortress is located in the middle of the southern wall (1.3 meters). No traces of development could be found inside the monument.
Similar arrow-shaped loopholes and construction methods are quite widely known in the monuments of ancient times of Central Asian agricultural oases, and the closest analogs are found in buildings in the Zhanadarya basin, primarily in such sub-square fortresses without towers, such as the Kabyl fortress and others.
Geographic coordinates of the Allyb fortress: N45 ° 22'50,00 "E63 ° 00'27,52"

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Photos by
A. Tazhekeyeva.