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Ancient settlement of Martobe.

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"There are many heights on Kazakh land, but Martobe is one"

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The ancient settlement of Martobe dates back to the VIII - XII centuries and is located 5 kilometers east of the village of Sairam, Sairam district of Turkestan region. On the way to the village of Karamurt, on the left bank of the Yanginaryk river, in its floodplain.
Surveyed by the expedition of the archaeological detachment of the Shymkent Pedagogical Institute (N.P. Podushkin) in 1978. In the history of Kazakhs, the hill-hill Martobe is known as a place that played the role of the steppe parliament.
"There are many heights on the Kazakh land, but Martobe is one." The first kurultai was held here, at which the elders of the clans and tribes of the Kazakhs determined the nomads, pasture territories, and resolving issues of international relations.
The mild climate, a good overview of the surroundings, the proximity of major cities such as Tashkent and Turkestan, were decisive in choosing a venue for Kazakh biys. The rallying and unification of the Kazakh people after the death of Abylkhair also occurred on Martobe. T
he seal on the first recorded code of the steppe laws of "Zheti zhargi" was set by Tauke-khan in this place.

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