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Aulie tas cave in Bayanaul.

Places of interest of mountains Bayanaul.

“It is untrue that equality is a law of nature. Nature has no equality; its sovereign law is subordination and dependence” 

Luc de Clapiers de Vauvenargues.

Alpine tourism in park Bayanaul.

Aulie tas cave is located in the eastern part of the Bayanaul mountains, located northwest of the Zhambak cordon in the Bayanaul national natural park in the Bayanaul district of Pavlodar region. Cave Aulie tas long since is considered a sacred place, a place of pilgrimage.
The reason of such worship is being in depth of a cave stone Kazan at the bottom of which water constantly accumulates. To this water properties to relieve of all illnesses down to barreness are attributed.
Come to a cave of the woman which believe, that, having spent the night in a cave, they can bring posterity. 
Now the cave also is one of places where tourists aspire to get. From it the amazing kind on заповедную part Bayanaul of national park opens. Mountains Bayanaul form extensive grottoes and even caves of greater sizes. 
The most known is cave Aulie tas located northern to the west of cordon Zhambyk. Its length makes 30 meters, width up to 2,5 meters, height 5 - 7 meters. Aulie (“aulie” - means sacred) - the sacred place of pilgrimage located highly in mountains.
Scientists on the basis of numerous finds an established fact of existence of an ancient life, parking of primitive people in territory of park.Name «Aulie-Tas» since times of prophet Noi (Nukh), the savior of the world, animals and birds.
At a Flood, three foretellers were late in the ship of prophet Noya, there any more there were no places then having connected three logs they have sat down on them and have become attached to the ship.
There were they on the world current from the north on the south.
The first has come across a stone and the log of the senior sacred Kulan has come off. It was in area of mountain Kyzyl-Tau (still name Aulie-Tas). The second has come across a stone a log of an average aulie Kyran, to mountain Akbet - the highest mountain.
After recession of water when mountains and hills have begun to open, the log of the third sacred Konyr has come to a cave where he and has located. At all times came to a cave of the woman believed that, having spent the night there they can bring posterity, and it actually was executed.
Now the cave also is one of places where thousand tourists aspire to get. Rise to cave Aulie-Tas is equipped by ladders in length of 110 meters, through everyone 10 - 15 meters of rise the platform for rest is stipulated.
The cave consists of two chambers.

Aulie-Tas a cave in park Bayanaul.Aulie-Tas a cave in park Bayanaul.Vicinity Aulie-Tas a cave in park Bayanaul.Aulie-Tas a cave in park Bayanaul.Aulie-Tas a cave in park Bayanaul.Aulie-Tas a cave in park Bayanaul.

Advertizing leaflet Bayanaul of park, 2003.

Alexander Petrov.